Tuesday, June 23, 2009

pencil drawing of "Exploring"

This is the pencil drawing for the word suggested for this week on Watercolor Wednesdays. I tend to like to draw on a good hot-pressed drawing/watercolor paper (Winsor-Newton), develop the drawing with value, and make any corrections on the original. Whenever I redraw onto another piece of paper or trace my own drawing over and over, I think it loses something. So, I try to stay with the original drawing, if possible, making corrections as I go.

finalized color image of "Exploring"

This is the finalized color image of "Exploring". I scanned my drawing and printed it off on good watercolor paper, then painted the image. I'm enjoying this method because drawing is my first love. Color is always secondary in my work but with this method, it seems to work for me.
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